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                                    WHAT TEACHERS SAY ABOUT US...

"Lower Moss Wood is a small nature reserve with huge potential as an educational resource.  Children from nursery to year 6 have benefited from the peace and ever changing beauty of the woods during our visits.  Some children have needed the calming experience and reassurance of nature shared with the friendly, interested and supportive wardens of the Wood.  For these children its a visit they do not forget."        
            Margaret Beckenham, Headteacher, Warwick CP School,Macclesfield  

"Lower Moss Wood contains a variety of unspoiled habitats which provide myriad starting points for children's studies.  It is an excellent resource where children learn from first hand experiences.  I can fully recommend Lower Moss Wood as a venue for a fascinating visit."
           JR Manning  Headteacher, Egerton CP School, Knutsford.

"Lower Moss Wood provides an ideal opportunity for children of all ages to learn about nature.  Through hands on experience they gain knowledge and skills about nature that will last for a lifetime."
         Elizabeth Perry, Culcheth Hall School, Altrincham.

"Lower Moss Wood gives children the opportunity to experience first-hand the different kinds of plants and animals in their local environment.  With professional experts in their field the children see, touch, hear and smell living things which they might otherwise not."

"They see how to treat these living things with care and sensitivity from a newly planted sapling to a rescued, convalescing owl.  We all know hands on experiences lead to a better understanding."
         Mrs J Watson, Lower Peover Primary School.

"This was my fourth visit and each time I have been, the children have gained valuable knowledge through an exciting and stimulating experience.  Here is a simple flowchart to show the work we have covered since our visit and the relevance it has to the National Curriculum."